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I've recently decided to start a long time goal of mine to write a novel, so I enrolled in a creative writing class at the local college to help me with my writing. We are starting out with poems. I don't know if it will make any sense to anyone, I'm not a poet, but here it is:

My Thought 's on Life


A yearning to belong,
Like a child to his mother.
A place familiar.
Your childhood home.
The smell you get lost in,
The Christmas scent of pine.

Life is to me,

A child,
Indigence, naive,
Enthusiasm to absorb,
Affection, vulnerability,
Fragile, don't break!

A juvenile,
Cocky, knows to much.
Ambitious, owns the world,
Exposed and Eager
To live.

Maturity, Responsibility,
The heaviness of weights,
 bearing down on your chest.

A senior,
searching for their
Innocence, youthfulness,
Like a newborns bare skin
soft, untouched, and new,
Yet, can never be again.

Life is,
A warmth you clothe
layer upon layer.

This poem is one I actually wrote when I was pregnant with my first child. I was a young single mother. I cheated and turned it in as one of my poems. the Professor never said they had to be recent. Ha,ha. It's been fun to read this poem after so many years. I can still visualize being pregnant and my fears and uncertainty about our future. My son is Twenty-three today and graduating with his Bachelors Degree from college this year. I couldn't be more prouder.

A Mother’s Plea

Good-bye girl of yesterday
You’re all grown up now, at least
That’s what I say.
Dreams we use to share...
Now just linger in the air.

Good-bye girl of yesterday,
My innocence is no more.
It’s time for you to perish,
Reality is knocking at my door.

This agonizing pain I feel today
Will it ever go away?
Little one,
 I carry inside
I hope and pray that we’ll survive,

I was naive and wanted to believe
When he said he loved me.
 I told him about you.
He said he wanted to leave
He had dreams to achieve.

All alone and no where to go
I sleep in my car on the red hill.
Staring out at the city lights
A tear slowly falls down my cheek,
As I say Good-bye to the girl of yesterday.

Not knowing what the future holds
My ache is soothed
By the love I have
For a faceless baby, I talk too.

I apologize,
For the way you have to start your life.

The time has come for you to arrive.
I take a deep breath and push,
You’re gently laid across my chest.
As I stare into your eyes, a
Thought comes to my mind,

Little one,
Will you forgive me?
Will you understand,
The temptations of life?
When you become a man.

This next poem, I was thinking of this World and all the fighting among countries over religion, all the corruption and harm we are causing one another. All the innocent lives being lost. If everyone could take the time to see the mask we have created through ignorance, greed, and placing judgment upon one another, we would realize we are all fighting for the same thing, no matter our beliefs, our culture, our traditions we all want to live in Peace.

  Mask of Disguises

A mask of disguises,
In a dark guarded jungle
Endlessly looking for places to hide,
We need to open our eyes, or
We will die,
Uncover our masquerade of life.

A mysterious road that all must travel,
From West to East,
We all see the same blue sky,
We all see the same stars at night.
We all share the same mask in life.
Let our battle endure,

God, Jehovah, Buddha, Allah,
Just another name,
A peaceful sanctuary we enter to pray.
Expose our mask,
In this world we are the same.

Children of this generation,
Hear our prayers for peace,
Feel the pain from our mistakes,
You are the future
You are why we fight,
To give you a better life.

A storm in the open sea for us to ride,
Let the heavens open and shine, as we
Uncover the mask we have disguised.
Let peace uncover our mask of life.

 This poem, I wrote a few years after my Dad's death. In writing this poem I was imaging what I would have said to him, if he was still alive, to let him know that what ever problem he thought was so unbearable would pass. That there is a reason for everything even when we can't always see the reason. We our never given any trial we are not strong enough to endure. We need to have the strength to never give up.

Another Star

Friends can lie,
Truth can come from strangers.
If I knew why,
We wouldn’t be in this danger.

Life goes on
The sky stays blue
It comes and goes like
A wink of an eye,
We soon find ourselves wishing upon another star.

Life is cold,
Hearts get torn and shattered.
The emptiness inside is like,
A disease that consumes you,

Life goes on
The sky stays blue, it
Comes and goes like
A wink of an eye,
We soon find ourselves wishing upon another star.

Loneliness, can be so dark
That you’ll cry for the death of your heart.
Nobody else can hear your sorrow.
They’re to caught up in their own lives,
To see your signs of suicide,

Remember this before you decide--
Life goes on
The sky stays blue
 It comes and goes, like
 A wink of an eye.

You must survive,
You must survive!

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